The IGAD Region Blue Economy
initiative is at the forefront of transforming

the socio-economic landscape of the Greater Horn of Africa region through sustainable Blue Economy practices. Our initiative is committed to harnessing the potential of oceans, lakes, and other water bodies to drive economic growth, foster environmental conservation, and improve livelihoods.

At the IGAD Blue Economy Initiative, we believe in a holistic approach to Blue Economy development that integrates economic, social, and environmental considerations. By promoting sustainable practices, fostering innovation, and fostering inclusivity, we seek to unlock the full potential of the Blue Economy to address pressing challenges and create opportunities for growth and resilience.

Our Mission

To foster a sustainable Blue Economy in the IGAD region by promoting innovation, responsible resource management, economic growth, regional cooperation, climate resilience, and effective policies, ensuring environmental conservation and social well-being.

Our Vision

To establish the IGAD region as a leading hub of sustainable Blue Economy, harnessing the full potential of our marine and freshwater resources to drive economic growth, environmental conservation, and social well-being for present and future generations.

Our Partners