Thematic Area

Welcome to the IGAD Blue Economy Project—a transformative initiative dedicated to harnessing the maritime potential of the IGAD region. At the crossroads of innovation, sustainability, and economic development, and with funding and technical support from the EU and the Government of Sweden, we are paving the way for a prosperous and resilient future

Thematic Areas
Member Countries
Blue Economy

This project focuses on enhancing the economic potential of marine and freshwater resources through sustainable practices and innovative solutions, contributing to regional growth and development.

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Fisheries & Aquaculture

Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture are critical to food security and livelihoods in the IGAD region. Our programs support responsible fishing practices, aquaculture development, and the management of fishery resources to ensure long-term sustainability.

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Marine & Aquatic Biodiversity

Protecting marine and aquatic biodiversity is vital for maintaining healthy ecosystems. We are committed to conserving biodiversity, restoring ecosystems, and promoting the sustainable use of aquatic resources through comprehensive conservation strategies.

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