Access detailed reports on our projects, studies, and assessments. These documents offer in- depth analysis and findings on various aspects of the Blue Economy and related activities.

Semi - Annual Report July - December 2022
IGAD Blue Economy Strategy
Report: Annual Blue Economy August 2022
ToT on Fish Post-Harvest Loss (Sebeta - Ethopia)
ECO 2023 62 Knowledge Sharing - June 2023 Mombasa Kenya
Mission Report: Field visit to LVFO & Fisheries Department, Uganda - April 2023
1st BE Steering Committee Meeting
1st Report BE Technical Partners Meeting
Annual Report - July 2022 - June 2023
Report: FCMUs Baro Akobo Basin Gambella City
Report: FCMUs Lodwar Town Kenya
Report FCMUs Sabot Sudd Bor Town

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